Founded in 2008 on the strong foundation of Iran based Ahran Tejarat, a company with three decades of history and successful record in Pharmaceuticals. Today, we are one of the independent leaders in respiratory field in Iran pharmaceutical industry.

For close to a decade, lots of people around the country living with serious illnesses have benefited from varied and important medicines supplied by Koushan Pharmed. We are proud of the role we have played in advancing different fields including Respiratory, Gynaecology, Cardiovascular, OTC, etc. We are building on our professional and experienced team as we pursue increasingly complex challenges.





Koushan Pharmed passed the record of registration for more than 70 products including imported & local manufactured products.


Koushan Pharmed reaches c.30 million USD in turn over


Koushan Pharmed reports 46 registered products.


Koushan Pharmed reports 20 million USD in sales turnover.


Koushan Pharmed registers its first biologic product. Koushan Pharmed reports its first locally manufactured product


Koushan Pharmed registers it’s first pharmaceutical product. Koushan Pharmed hits 5 million USD in sales turnover. Koushan Pharmed doubles the sales turnover within a year.


A group of experienced pharmacists along with a professional team gather to establish Koushan Pharmed, a new pharmaceutical company under a well-established and strong parent company, Ahran Tejarat.

    • 1stFloor,No.15,Padidar Alley,Africa Blvd.
    • Tel: +98 2188197145
    • Fax:+98 2188197153

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