Partnering with Koushan Pharmed 

Partnerships are at the Core of our Business

Koushan Pharmed was founded 8 years ago as a subsidiary of Ahran Tejarat with over three decades of tradition in Iran, and we are dynamically expanding our product range.

In every collaboration, we look for creative solutions that allow our partners to build on their strengths.

We know how to create win-wins for our partners that produce results including successful filings, regulatory approvals and product launches.

Commercial partners who want to co-market their products can profit from our professional and well established sales and marketing team, which is especially strong in promote and establish new and existing brands.  

Five Reasons to Partner with Koushan Pharmed 

  1. Support of innovation - we support breakthrough ideas with invest in promising start-ups. We pursue smart products at all stages, from early discovery to late-stage development. 
  1. Experience of working on different business models - based on the expertise we gained in our focused therapeutic areas (Respiratory, Gastrointestinal, Cardiovascular, Gynecology, Supplements, Endocrinology, OTC, and Orthopedic) we look for creative ways to collaborate with partners, from import of finished products to technology transfer and under license manufacturing. With our contract manufacturing experience we can manufacture pharmaceutical products in a wide variety of forms for our partners. 
  1. Motivated and experienced sales and marketing team-76 trained and experienced staff in the sales and marketing team support all areas of the country. The team is highly experienced in launching new products, promoting and establishing new and existing brands. 
  1. Applying the latest methods for market analysis and obtaining market intelligence - We have proven record on increasing our market share due to accurate market analysis. The correct understanding of the market, enables our partners to grow very fast in the targeted market. 
  1. Track record of mutual benefits - our successes achieved together with our partners including the avarage of six regulatory approvals and products launches every year. Koushan Pharmed long-term commitment leads to mutual benefits and successful cooperation with our partners.


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