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Koushan Pharmed pharmaceutical company which is a leader in Treatment of respiratory diseases was stablished as a Knowledge-based pharmaceutical company Under the supervision of the Ahran Tejarat parent company. Innovation and creativity, created Koushan Pharmed. And also Technology, researching and development playing the key role all over our activities. In Koushan Pharmed we made the development and research Headline and basis of our work for presenting a product with the highest quality. Producing pharmaceutical products for medical needs, is the basis of research and developing in Koushan Pharmed, so with a creative and new knowledgement be able to produce products for a healthy life with a high quality. We are also known as having Partnership with reputable partners all over the world which have coordination with our values and goals for continuing and developing our business. Our company mostly focus on the production of new and innovative products that help people lives to be improved and lead us to grow up our business.

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Social responsibility

Koushan pharmed not only tries to expansion medical products by producing high quality medicine and Importing them from the foreign companies but also teaching people how to use it is a part of our duties.
Teaching is one of the discussions that human being have been willing to progress in it and tries to learn the requirements in the needed field. During a disease, a patient by getting more information about their disease, treatment, medications required, dosage of drugs and their effect on the body reach a possible amount of inner patience and will be able to heal themselves better. In Koushan pharmed we tries to provide the patient all the principles and training process regarding to manufactured drugs for having an improvement in human kind health .


28 July
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Asthma Triggers

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that causes inflammation, swelling, and narrowing of the airways, making it difficult for a person to breathe.
21 February
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Information on Launching Koushanpharmed Website

Koushan Pharmed Company's vision as a leading and exemplary pharmaceutical company in Iran is to become a powerful brand with a unique product portfolio and support services.
12 December

Methods of Preventing Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic systemic disease that occurs when the pancreas cannot produce insulin in the body, or the human body is unable to use the insulin it produces properly.