Patient Education

Education is one of the topics that human beings have always been interested in progress in this field and are trying to get the required education in any field. In times of illness, a patient, by learning more about the type of disease, its treatment, the medications needed, the amount of medication the patient should take, their effect on the body, achieves as much inner peace as possible better walk towards recovery. At Koushan Pharmed Pharmaceutical Company, we endeavor to provide the patient with all the principles and training process regarding produced medications to play an influential role in our loved ones' recovery and health.

Respect for the Environment

The environment plays a sigmificant role in people’s lives today as it will in the next generations to come. In this regard, we have selected companies that are environmentally friendly and comply with ISO 1800 and 1400 standards, and have green industry certification as our partners.

Environment, Safety, and Industrial Health

We do business worldwide based on environmental protection and provide a safe and healthy work environment for our employees. This responsibility is essential to a healthy business and is undeniable. This is the company's commitment to employees, patients, health care providers, customers, and others. We make every effort to comply with laws, regulations, and requirements We have always been and will be committed to managing any environmental, safety, industrial, or occupational hazards; past, present, future.

Standard Business

Our business is designed to meet the needs of patients, health care providers, customers, and consumers. Shareholders must also be committed to preserving the environment and natural resources in the future.

Standard Purchase

We prioritize products and services that meet high-quality standards in terms of quality, quantity, and efficiency. If the products do not have the necessary environmental standards, we use other methods of environmental management. Buying environmentally friendly products is one of the most critical components of our long-term commitment. We communicate this commitment to our suppliers to ensure and protect the environment.

Standard packaging

Product packaging plays a key role in product delivery. Patients, customers, and consumers can notice the importance of preserving the environment by the type of product packaging. We are committed to using and developing packages that:

  • The least useful and optimal materials have been used in their design.
  • Are recyclable.
  • Minimize industrial waste.
  • Avoid negative impacts on the environment.
  • Support hydropower and wastewater throughout the product life cycle.

Design for the Environment

Product design and production processes affect the final result of products. The essential guidelines for the environmental design are:

  • Avoid using toxic or dangerous materials.
  • Prevent waste from entering the environment.
  • Minimize waste production and produce recyclable waste.
  • Be environmentally responsible

Development of Health and Patient Care

Our mission and goal are to improve people's quality of life through health care products Achieving this goal requires much more than business activities. Similarly, as a social responsibility, we believe that:

  • We are committed to providing affordable and accessible health care products to all groups in the community.
  • We have an important role to play in improving the lives of the poor throughout Iran.
  • We are committed to charitable activities

Support the growth and well-being of employees

At Koushan Pharmed Pharmaceutical Company, we are committed to providing an active and energetic work environment where we nurture a healthy and skilled workforce To always be outstanding and proud. In other words, we want all of our colleagues to feel proud and happy about being part of the team and work together towards bettering the company. We are also committed to respecting and valuing all group members' talents and fully supporting them. We believe that employees' physical, financial, and emotional well-being is the foundation of their success and reciprocally plays an important role in its success. To produce and maintain workforce and performance, we provide a comprehensive and integrated support system to employees. This support system includes health benefits, welfare facilities, training programs, goal advancement, and rewarding opportunities. These programs and goals help employees' total well-being physically, financially, and emotionally and pave the way for their growth. Ultimately, they lead to feelings of worth and satisfaction.